My teaching at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich:

Bachelor Seminar “The Economics of Migration”, LMU, SS 2018

Master Lecture and Seminar “The Economics of Migration”, LMU, WS 2019/20

Bachelor Tutorial “Empirical Economics II”, LMU, SS 2015, WS 2015/16

Supervision of Master Theses (3): The Egyptian Uprising and Youth Migration, Knowledge spillovers from study abroad?, The Interaction of Politics, Policies and the Integration of Immigrants
Supervision of Bachelor Theses (8): How Does Immigration Affect Inequality?; What can explain the Wage Gap between Immigrants and Natives?; The Economic Effects of Women in Political Offices: The Case of India; Low Female Labour Market Participation in Lebanon: Preferences or Discrimination?; The Voting Behaviour of Immigrants; The Effects of Immigration on House Prices; Is Female Migration Different?; Immigration and Social Wellbeing of Natives